Grade book and Grade Calculator iOS Application, written in Swift, used to record and calculate grades, term GPA, and cumulative GPA. Allows the user to calculate grades needed on tests and assignments for their courses as well as calculate specific course grades needed for a specific term GPA. All self-made UI and UX, released onto the App Store in October, 2017. Get the app here.


Five by Five

My second iOS game, based on concepts from Minefield and Sudoku, requires players to use a little math to flip tiles and predict which ones are deadly and which ones aren’t. Flip a fatal tile and you will uncover a bomb underneath! Five by Five was initially written in Swift 2 and updated to Swift 3. The user interface was designed using SpriteKit and UIKit, and the app was released to the App Store in March of 2015. Try the app here, it’s free to play!



Stoplight Buggies

My first iOS game, based on the App Store favorite: Red Light, Green Light allows players to control cars with a touch of a finger. Stoplight Buggies is written in Objective-C and was released in January 2015. Propelling the car forward, one must only drive when the light is green. If the light turns red, the car is sent back to the start. See who can get to the finish line fastest! Try the app here, it’s free to play!