Barely Passing

Barely Passing gives you the tools to take charge of how you view your education. No more waiting for professors to enter your grades online. No more calculating your grades with a calculator. Barely Passing is an easy to use, detailed Grade Book and grade calculator which allows you to precisely determine what your grades are and what your grades can be!

Barely Passing keeps all of your grades in one place. It allows you to see what grade is needed on any assignment or test to get a specific course grade. You can also see what class grades are needed for a specific GPA. Barely Passing has a built in calendar and an easy place to view all of your upcoming assignments to know what is due and when.

*Barely Passing currently uses the following grade scales: [A,B,C,D,F] or [A+,A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C,C-,D+,D,F]. If you have a specific grading format, not listed above, please contact us and we will look into adding that into the app.

Pro Features (includes Free Features):
– No ads
– Unlimited Grade books and Terms
– GPA prediction calculation for a term

Free Features:
– Grade book
– Grade Calculator
– One free Grade book and one free Term
– Unlimited Courses and Assignments in that Term
– Assignment grade calculation for listed Course Grades
– Current max possible grade in a Course
– View all non-completed assignments in a chronological order
– Optional use of plus and minus grade letters
– Customized GPA and Grade scales
– Support for Quarters, Trimesters, and Semesters
– Notifications for upcoming assignment and tests
– Monthly calendar
– Day Calendar
– Light, Dark and Black themes


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